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Water Main (Hydrant) Flushing

On a regular basis, the three miles of 6 and 8 inch diameter water mains that serve the Briarcliff Subdivision water distribution system are flushed through the subdivision's 14 fire hydrants. The purpose is to remove loose sediment (rust) in the form of oxidized limestone and calcium carbonate, not iron, from the water system's distribution lines and to minimized the rust going to the home service lines.

For this reason, it is important to do advance planning when you see the neighborhood sandwich boards announcing water main (hydrant) flushing. Water main flushing shakes loose large amounts of sediment in the water lines. Most of the sediment is removed during the flushing, but some remains in the lines. On the day of water main flushing, refrain from using any water in your house as much as possible for the entire day.

If you used water at the same time the water was flushed and found sediment in your pipes (brownish water), you should flush out your water lines. run all of your cold water faucets including the tub and shower removing the aerators when possible. Flush your toilets a few times. The amount of time you leave your water running depends largely on how long you used your water during the flushing.

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