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Lawn Watering - "Odd/Even" Days

Residents must observe an odd/even schedule when watering their lawns. This means, if your address ENDS in an odd number, you may ONLY water on a day with an odd number. Conversely, if your address ends in an even number, you may only water on an even numbered date. This is not only a Briarcliff HOA stipulation, but one of the West Bloomfield Township as well.

The purpose of watering your lawn on alternate odd/even days is to insure that the Briarcliff HOA is in compliance with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's (MDEQ) "Safe Drinking Water Act". The "Safe Drinking Water Act" states that we must maintain "firm capacity" at all times.

"Firm Capacity" is defined (Sect. R-325,10105) as "the production capability of each respective part of the waterworks system with the largest unit out of service". This means, we must be able to operate our water system on our least capacity pump output if the larger pump is out of service. That capacity is 300 gallons per minute.

Compliance with the odd/even system is important to maintain adequate water pressure and volume. Adequate pressure and volume is important not only to maintain resident comfort, but to provide adequate safety for all residents in the event of an emergency situation.

Our Briarcliff pumping system maintains potable water and fire protection to 193 homes. Your cooperation is essential!

Note: Lawn watering at approximately 6 gallons per minute for eight hours uses 2,800 gallons of water (approx. 375 cubic feet of water). At the current W. Bloomfield water & sewer rates of $67.47 per 1,000 cubic feet of water, the cost would be $25.00 per day to water your lawn for eight hours if you were using city water! The Township also imposes time restrictions on water use; they prohibit lawn sprinkling from 6-9 AM and 6-9 PM. We do not.

Dan Gordon
Water Service Manager
Revised August, 2012
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