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Water System: A Short Introduction

The BHOA water system is comprised of several component systems, namely, a pumping system and a distribution system.

The pumping system is the pump house in the community park which contains the plumbing, the well and pumping assemblies, the air and electrical controls, and the 4,300 gallon hydro-pneumatic water tank located under the hill adjacent to the pump house. The pumping system maintains a pressure of 50 to 75 PSI in the distribution system.

The distribution system is composed of the approximately 3 miles of 6 and 8 inch water mains, fourteen fire hydrants and hydrant shut-off valves, 21 isolation valves, and 193 curb-stop valves one curb-stop valve for each home. Each home has a 3/4" copper water service line leading from the water main to the utility room. This service line has a shut-off valve (curb-stop) about four feet below ground level and approximately twenty feet from the edge of the street. The purpose of this valve is to shut the water off when major plumbing repairs are necessary inside the house. The valve is accessed by a pipe and stem assembly with a four inch cap at ground level.

The purpose of the 22 isolation valves is to limit the number of homes affected by water main repairs. We can limit the repair area to affect fifteen to twenty homes, rather than shutting down the total water system. The BHOA water system is interconnected with the Franklin Knolls water system south of 14 Mile Road. The two water systems mutually own an auxiliary generator which operates our water pumps in case of an area power failure.

We pump over 29 million gallons of water each year!

Dan Gordon
Water Service Manager
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