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Household Line Blowing

"Why do we have the water lines in our homes blown more than once each year?"

The " pipe from the underground water main to each home collects sediment over time causing restricted water flow and a loss in water pressure. The sediment is actually calcium carbonate or oxygenated limestone (not rust or iron). It is formed when the water from our aquifer 170 feet underground mixes with the oxygen in the water main. A chemical reaction occurs producing a lining calcium carbonate along the inner walls of the home's water supply line.

Even with the sediment, the water is perfectly safe to drink, but is not very pleasing to look at and can cause staining problems with doing laundry. This is why we flush our water mains three times each year and blow each home's water line every spring.

Each year, the Homeowners Association hires a plumber to force compressed air into the " line coming into each house. This causes the sediment to loosen which can then be flushed out through a garden hose with the result being better water flow and pressure.

When this important maintenance is due, a representative from the Homeowners Association will call to schedule an appointment for your home. You must be at home when the plumber arrives to allow access to your laundry room. The entire process takes less than 30 minutes.

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