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Autumn 2017

There are SO many reasons to love the fall!

For as long as I can remember, fall has been my favorite season. Fall represents change. The weather is changing, the leaves are changing colors, our clothing choices are changing. And our moods are changing!

Fall is a calming season; a walk around the neighborhood taking in that brisk, fresh air and enjoying the occasional scents from our fireplaces just makes me feel relaxed. Summer can be too hot and spring is up and down, and winters...well, we all know about winter! But fall is a balance of all of the seasons! And when you add in pumpkins, cider, football, blankets, early evening darkness,...fall is perfect!

It's time for change in Briarcliff, too.

With our water system in great shape thanks to changes and updates made last year, it's time to look forward to other areas which could use some attention in the coming months.

As most of you know, Briarcliff was established in 1954. There are still a few families around who were here when the HOA was first incorporated, but most of our residents are relatively new. They don't remember the days when the trees were saplings and when people gathered in the park for parties, or showed up for Annual Meetings 100+ strong!

Our subdivision is in need of updating and sprucing up in order to remain competitive in the real estate market. If our houses are going to command top dollar, we need to invest in our curb appeal. In 1984 we erected our entrances and in 1990 we bought and installed park equipment. Both have served us well, but are long overdue for updates. Look around and you can see that the subdivisions directly to our east and west have recently upgraded their entrances and landscaping. And the results speak for themselves!. We have established a landscaping committee to review needs and make recommendations for priority investment in the coming years. But as with anything, the ideas are's the funding that will be challenging. We nonetheless are going to proceed with our research and ideas, and you will be hearing more from us as the months progress.

Being safe means being prepared!

Although our weather challenges are few and far between here in Michigan, we must remain vigilant in our preparations to ensure our safety. October is fire prevention month and it's important to be prepared. Elsewhere in this newsletter are some tips to remain safe in the event of a fire. Planning an escape route with your family is a vital part of the preparedness, and I urge all our homeowners to discuss with your families.

Have a great, colorful fall season!


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