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Semiannual Association Fee
Quick Fee Summary
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Due Date: Tuesday, July 31, 2018 (discount details below)

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Due Date: Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Twice a year, each household receives a bill that, when paid, supports the shared services that benefits the entire neighborhood. The bills are mailed twice a year and timed to arrive at the homeowner's address by January 1st for the first half and by July 1st for the second half. An attempt is made to send a bill to absentee owners, but failure to receive a bill does not release the homeowner from his/her financial obligation to pay the fee nor does it alter the time frame to enjoy the early pay discount.

Make check payable to:
Briarcliff Homeowners Association

Mail payment to:
Briarcliff Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 250022
West Bloomfield, MI 48325-0022

Payments are not accepted at board member private residences.

The semi-annual fee was raised from $275 to $310 at the December 18, 2013 Homeowners Association General Meeting. At the same time, an early pay discount of $25 was approved. Any homeowner remitting their semi-annual fee by January 31st or July 31st may take advantage of this early pay discount and pay $285.

Policies surrounding the late payment of dues and the possibility of termination of water service to a home are codified in the Association bylaws (Article VI, Section 9). Pertinent (approximate) dates related to paying dues are:
1st Half
2nd Half
Bills Mailed/Recieved
January 1st
July 1st
Post Mark Date for Discount
January 31st
July 31st
Late Notice to Delinquent Homeowners
February 5th
August 5th
Shutoff Notice to Delinquent Homeowners
March 1st
September 1st
Lawns Staked Notifying Pending Shutoff
March - 3rd week
September. - 3rd week
Water Shutoff
April 10th
October - 1st business day
Though these time frames are mandated by the bylaws, the Board is not insensitive to cases of hardship and is receptive to lternate payment arrangements. Any homeowner wishing to make monthly payments may submit their request in writing to the Board President or Treasurer. Such requests must include a specific payment plan including dates and amounts. Any deviation from the agreed plan may result in water termination with an additional charge to restore the household water service.

Remember, the semi-annual fees serve to fund many neigborhood maintenance projects for the benefit of all association members.
  • Maintenance of water-related services such as the:
    • Two wells
    • Pump house
    • Three miles of water mains
    • 14 fire hydrants
    • 39 isolation valves
    • 193 curb stops
    • Auxilliary generator system
    • Annual water line blowing
    • Unmetered water use from the community well
    • Federal and state-mandated testing
  • Snow plowing subdivision streets
  • Lawn mowing the park and cul-de-sacs
  • Subdivision road repair and maintenence
  • Park and entrance lighting
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